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Our services

Improvis as an established leading computer vision company in Armenia offers its services in following areas.

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Object detection

Solutions for varius type objects detection based on their's color, geometric structure, appearance and behavior. Object recognition and classification with higlhly optimized algorithms. Self learning systems based on artificial inteligence theory.

Object tracking

Solutions for object tracking based on various algorithms. Automated or semy automated tracking systems. These parallelized solutions can track multiple objects and collect stats concurrently.

Text recognition

Improvis offers its services also in Optical Character Recognition area. Its aggressive image pre-processing tools will increase overall quality for many times.

Face RT

Complete tool for real time face detection and composition.
Can be used for building face databases, as a part of video surveillance systems and many other areas where detailed face extraction is essential. There are many entertainment usages such as face morphing, deformation, face swap and augmented reality.

Technology: CUDA acceleration, Multithreading, iOS and Android support

Optical Character Recognition RT

Optical character recognition tool for Armenian, Russian and English languages. The fast and effective pre-processing allows real time character recognition.

Can be used as OCR tool in its classic meaning as well as real time character recognition tool.

Technology: Multithreading, iOS and Android support


If you need image processing and recognition based core solutions for desktop, Web or mobile applications then you come to the right place.
Improvis is involved in an unimaginable variety of applications in Computer Vision including visual inspection, 3D reconstruction, tracking, computer graphics, pattern recognition and more.
Our work extends from the initial design with the customer through the diligent R&D effort up to the application in the specific environment.
Improvis provides end-to-end Desktop, Web and Mobile solutions and complete management of the projects at the professional level.
Improvis is the first and leading company in Armenia which offers all-round computer vision solutions for desktop and mobile devices. Improvis offers object detection and tracking software which are capable to use the power of NVIDIA CUDA technology and deliver much needed results in the fastest way.